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We only use biodegrabale and non-corrosive products

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I get someone else to clean my oven?

It's one of the most hated household chores  but it is a necessary one. We remove any built up grease and carbon deposits that can cause smoke and even set off the fire alarm. An accumulation of grease in extractors is  known to be a fire hazard, so from a safety point of view, it is essential to keep your appliances clean. Thorough oven cleaning once or twice a year, will ensure odours from food spills no longer taint other meals being cooked in your ovens, and can prolong the life of your oven. We are also able to help you create the right impression when selling your home by presenting your kitchen with a 'gleaming' oven. Similarly landlords find the service invaluable before letting their properties. A clean and shiny oven certainly gives a good impression.



Where do you work?

Our mobile service is based in Fife, but as well as covering the whole of Fife, we also travel to Perth, Milnathort and Kinross.


Do you have insurance?
Yes, We are fully insured.


Can you explain the process?

After arranging an appointment at a time which suits you, we arrive at your home in our liveried van. We then take all removable items from your oven outside to the van and clean them in aluminium baths using only bio-degradable products. The remainder of the oven is cleaned using eco-friendly products and good old fashioned elbow grease...until it is gleaming! The oven components are then put back together, and the used cleaning solution is safely discarded down the drain.  The whole process takes 2-3 hours.


Do you clean the glass doors?
Yes. We clean the doors both inside and out and often remove doors to ensure the best possible finish.


Do you clean stainless steel ovens?
Yes. We use products specifically formulated for cleaning stainless steel.


Are there any fumes and does it smell?
No. We use bio-degradable cleaning products that are both fume and odour free, so it’s perfectly safe if you have asthma or allergies, or if there are pets or young children in the house.


How long will the cleaning take?

It depends on the size of the oven, levels of soiling, and whether you also want your hob and/or extractor cleaned.Generally, the time varies from 2-3 hours.

How soon can I use my oven after the clean?
The oven can be used immediately.


Are there any extra charges that need to be paid?
Bulbs, filters and some door seals can be replaced if required. These will be charged separately.

How can I pay?
We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer payment.


Do I need to have my AGA cleaned?

Although the AGA ovens clean themselves, it's the outside that tends to get greasy and grimy with use. We therefore remove all this grease and  burnt on carbon from the lids, handles, flue cover and the inside of the oven doors. The AGA should be cold when cleaned, so needs to be turned off the night before  a clean.


How do I keep my oven clean after Ovengleam have visited?

Wipe up spills on the inside of the oven and oven door before they have time to set. Use a damp cloth and your usual household detergent. Wipe the seal around the door with a damp cloth. Do not clean the outside of the oven if the oven is hot as this will leave streaks due to the solution drying too quickly. Don't use abrasive scourers as the outside of the oven and the enamel can sometimes be easily scratched. It's easier to keep an oven and hob clean if it's wiped after each use!

Would you recommend using a shop bought oven cleaner?
If used carefully and the instructions for use are followed!. Oven cleaning products tend to be caustic and should be used with caution. They can take paint off your oven and can damage enamel and glass if left on too long. They can also have very strong fumes. Do not forget to use gloves with these products as they are often corrosive and can result in nasty burns if they splash onto your skin. 


To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book your appointment
as early as possible.


For more information,
or to book an appointment please contact Louise on 
01337 831931 today.







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