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We only use biodegrabale and non-corrosive products

Our Services


Is your workload getting the better of you?

Do you find the chores too much to cope with at times?


We can't, unfortunately, remove the problem completely but we can offer you a little assistance, in the form of Ovengleam. Ovengleam will perform a complete make-over of your oven, cooker, hob, extractor fan or Aga stove.


This involves:

A thorough cleaning and degreasing of all areas of your appliance.

Removal, cleaning and refitting of glass in oven doors where possible.

Cleaning and degreasing of oven racks and shelves.

Bulbs and filters replaced if required

Problems with your appliances? Appliance repair contacts on request

Here is an example of our oven cleaning service.


We specialise in cleaning:

>  Ovens

>  Hobs

>  Extractors

>  Agas & Rayburns

>  Ranges

>  Microwaves

>  BBQ’s

>  BBQ Racks


Ovengleam is a friendly, local, independent company. Our service is flexible and appointments can be made for a time which suits you.


Ovengleam uses only bio-degradable and non-corrosive products. Our van runs on LPG fuel - which greatly reduces our carbon emissions - and we use replacement filters made from recycled



A cooker or oven cleaned with our state of the art (fumeless) process can be used immediately after the cleaning process has finished. In around 2-3 hours the eco-friendly process will remove grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits from all parts of the oven.


We also offer filter and bulb replacement.


To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book your appointment
as early as possible.


For more information,
or to book an appointment please contact Louise on 
01337 831931 today.






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